About Myles Minns

Myles Minns

President & CEO
2240 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd #400
  • License Number: 501036
  • Brokerage Name: Continental Properties, Inc.
What's Your Townhouse Worth?

Meet Myles

Myles Minns is President & CEO of 23 different corporations involved in Real Estate, Mortgage, Title and Professional Development. His company Continental Properties Inc. is one of the top 50 real estate brokerage companies in the state of Florida. His primary goal is to motivate and inspire. Myles believes that success is well within your reach and all it takes is tenacity and a very positive attitude.

Myles success is based on this foundation, “never be afraid to fail, the only way you can succeed is to fail. Take the knowledge learned from each experience, success and failures alike, apply it in the future”.

Myles is a mentor to 1000’s of people who have attended his motivational and educational seminars. He is an active real estate broker with over 500 agents licensed under his companies. He is always available to answer any questions agents may have. As an investor who has bought and sold over 2000 properties in the past 20 years he is now teaching others how to use his techniques to build their own portfolio of properties.

Born in Houston, Texas, Myles moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas during his youth and in the early 80’s at age 25 relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida. He began working for a furniture rental company delivering furniture for $6 an hour. “Shortly after we arrived in Florida I saw an ad on TV stating you can buy a home for $49,900, a three bedroom, two baths with a one car garage. All you needed to qualify for purchasing the home was a job and $200 for the application fee. Three days later I got a call from the sales office that I was turned down. That was the best day of my life. I figured if they turned me down then others like me were being turned down. So I got my real estate license to help others like I buy their first home.

“There is a lifetime of opportunities, not once in a lifetime but every hour”. Myles implements this motto by having the courage to identify a challenge or opportunity and take steps to overcoming them. He sold a condo to a fireman. The guy was working only 8 days per month. Myles saw this as an opportunity to have a steady income while still having twenty two days a month to concentrate on building a Real Estate Business. Myles eventually became the real estate agents for his fellow firefighters and helped them become homeowners and investors. A few of them even became agents of his and are still with him today.

During this time Myles became known as MrTownhouse because he was selling more Townhomes and Condos than any other agent in West Palm Beach. This brand name was vital in his success and still is today. In 1990 Myles opened the parent company, Continental Properties, Inc in West Palm Beach. Now 27 years later he owns 9 buildings with offices from Delray Beach to Pt. St. Lucie, a Mortgage company, Title Company, Real Estate Licensing school and referral network. But don’t let this fool you, Myles is still an Investor and is always looking for that next opportunity.